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Premium Support

Specialized services to support senior executives
Executives, who are eligible for our premium support, will receive hands-on assistance from one of our highly experienced stock plan professionals, who can help them, maximize share value in addition to helping them manage their own personal finances.

Custom 10b5-1 Plan Development
Our consultants can work in conjunction with your executives in order to design structured trading plans which will provide an affirmative defense against any allegations of trading on material insider information.

Restricted Stock Sales Support
At Hawk Trade, we can assist Executives with well-timed, accurate transaction reporting, including Section 16, Rule 144, and Rule 701 filings.

Pre-Clearance & Section 16 Filings
Our premium support team will work alongside your legal and stock plan teams to refine the pre-clearance procedure and Section 16 filings for your executives.

Risk Management & Monetization
Hawk Trade can help your executives create a bespoke strategy to effectively defer capital gains taxes and mitigate the inherent risk associated with a large, single-stock position.

Block-Trading Execution Support
Our consultants can assist with the execution of block trades in order to facilitate the movement of large amounts of company stock without affecting the stock price.