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For the novice investor with no knowledge of the workings of the markets, investing in stocks can appear to be similar to legalized gambling. Just pick any stock, if the price goes up then you are a winner, if the price goes down then you lose. Unfortunately, this is how many people perceive global stock exchanges to work, as a short-term investment opportunity where riches can be gained or fortunes lost. Anyone with this viewpoint would see the stock market as reliable as a spin of the roulette wheel, whereas with the correct strategy and research mechanisms, stock investing can be one of the most profitable forms of wealth creation.

At Hawk Trade, we underpin our investment strategy with our sophisticated performance measurement and analysis solutions that have generated index beating performance over the last five years. Our analyst teams have a diverse range of backgrounds spanning chartered accounting, finance, treasury, and hedge fund management.

At the core of our organization are multiple world-class investment management and research teams, each operating independently and offering our clients their unique insight. With expertise of this calibre at our disposal, Hawk Trade can identify the opportunities that can make a real-world difference to your investment portfolio.