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Markets will always rise and fall, and of course there is the well known adage, the markets are never wrong. Fear and expectation can often drive markets either way, and oftentimes investors can make irrational decisions to sell a stock, simply because everyone else is doing so, or to buy a stock when it is trading low, as they believe surely it cannot fall even lower.

Succumbing to these emotions can have a profound and detrimental effect on investors' portfolios and the stock market in general. During these periods, panic can also take over the mood of the markets causing very steep declines in short periods of time. These are usually brought on by sudden reports of bad news, sometimes global news, due to a natural disaster, or political instability.

Here at Hawk Trade, we take all of these emotive issues out of the investment equation, through objective, dispassionate and a steadfast approach to the investment process as a whole. It is through this measured approach, that we are able to bring a modicum of understanding of the vagaries of the markets for our clients.